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Wriggle enables schools to transform their teaching and learning environments through effective use of mobile devices.

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School Leaders

Transform your school's learning environment with mobile technology that increases engagement and attainment.


Engage your students with interactive content, allow them to find information in an instant, and access their digital textbooks wherever they go.


Give your child a lighter digital schoolbag that fosters creativity, innovation and develops skills for the 21st century workplace.


Wriggle’s digital schoolbag puts educational content and tools into your digital lifestyle.

Wriggle is…

At Wriggle we have a passion for education and how technology can enhance everyone’s learning experience. Wriggle has created a package that provides everything a school needs to move to digital textbooks on mobile devices.The Wriggle mobile learning initiative caters for both students and teachers. Wriggle provides the technology, access to digital textbooks and interactive content, professional development for teachers, comprehensive support and advice on ICT planning for schools.