Online Safety

Online Safety


At Wriggle we understand the importance of keeping children safe online. That's why the teachers on our staff have created these step-by-step video guides on applying Parental Restrictions and using Screentime on iPhone and iPad. Using these guides you can check your children's device usage, ensure that they are only viewing age appropriate content and keep them safe online :



Staying safe online is an important part of using the internet responsibly. There are many online resources to assist parents with internet safety.



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Wriggle work with who provide resources and advice on internet safety topics for parents.


The internet has become a part of everyday life for many children across Ireland and while the internet can be a positive experience we hear far too often of the dangers encountered by children while online.

Staying safe online is an important part of using the internet responsibly. Your school will have an Acceptable Usage Policy in place to help protect your child online whilst in the school environment. This policy includes the rules around using the iPad in school so please make sure your child is familiar with this.

In addition to the school policy we recommend contacting your internet provider if you wish to enable web filtering at home.



Another alternative for web safety is iKydz


  • iKydz makes it easy for you to set the online boundaries for your children. It lets you control every one of your kids’ connected devices at home, all using just one app. Phones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, smart TVs are all easily managed using iKydz.
  • Enable parental restrictions on the iPad 


  • Perform daily/weekly checks of the iPad 


  • Restrict access to all social media sites 


  • Block off access to adult sites


  • Plug and play technology


  • No installation required on any device


One of the parents in our partner schools has also come up with a great way of managing devices safely at home. 


Ikydz is a simple plug and play box that gives parents and guardians the power to regulate the time any digital device within the home is used for as well as filtering out content that you are not happy with.