Christmas iPad Cash Back Offer

**Get €250 Cash Back* in our iPad Christmas Offer!**

With Black Friday finished don't worry, Wriggle are offering a €250 cash back voucher for any half class set of iPads purchased before 18th December. To avail of this fantastic offer click on the link below!

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So what's different about Wriggles iPad bundles?

As well as a set of rugged iPad cases, Wriggles iPad bundle comes with it's own charge and lock trolley to safely transport and charge your devices. Not only that, Wriggle will also set up and configure all of your iPad's for education use only and secure each iPad with a 3 year management license.

All this from only €7.99 per day!

Check out the full bundle details below:

What can I get with my €250 Cash Back*?

Wriggle's Cash Back voucher allows you to use €250 towards your next spend. Whether it's towards a new iPad or Apple TV you can use your cash back voucher on any Wriggle product.


Accessories and add ons


*Cash back offer applies to any half class set of iPads purchased. Wriggle's Cash Back voucher can be used on Wriggle Products only - Voucher can't be used in conjunction with any other offer. Voucher is only valid from 1 year of date of purchase. Offer only valid until 18th December 2019.
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