Malahide CS Case Study

Case Study – Malahide Community School iPad 1:1 Model


iPad 1:1 model improves student learning outcomes in Malahide Community School

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“In a study we did after a few years of using the one-to-one programme, we found that students who had access to an iPad in class and at home actually achieved higher scores than comparable students who had no access to the iPad in class”

– Jean Ward, Deputy Principal Malahide Community School


Improving the learning experience in Malahide Community

As a large school of 1200 students, Malahide Community School decided to equip each of their students with an iPad for education to help them develop the skills they would need to achieve in the new junior cycle and beyond. The result has completely transformed the school as Deputy Principal Jean Ward tells us:

“The impact of the iPad in the school has been huge. The types of learning students are engaged in are matched to the types of skills that they are going to need when they leave. We are making much more use of the flipped classroom model where students actively learn at home and explore that learning further in school. The whole school learning environment is more dynamic and diverse, with students engaged in interesting, active methods of learning.”

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CBAs made Easy

Making learning more interactive has been easy with iPad as teacher Bernie Foley explains:

“Students tend to be a lot more creative when they have the iPad. They have choice, so when I give an activity, they might be able to produce a written piece, record an audio piece, use Clips to create a video or Pic Collage to visually represent it. It does really foster that creativity in students and make them more independent in terms of their learning.”


One of the biggest benefits Jean has found is the ease with which they can now execute their school CBAs:

“I really don't know how the school could manage to complete their CBAs without the iPads. Our students use them to record their voice, to research for their topics, to collate photographs or material that they need and to video each other for their CBAs.”

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The Importance of Training and Support

With a busy school to run and such a large number of iPads under one roof, Jean explains that maintaining the iPads and upskilling staff can be a challenge but has found the support she receives from Wriggle to be invaluable:

“We have new staff every year and the technology is changing very quickly so we have to make sure that everybody keeps up to date with what's going on. Some of our teachers are good with IT but they have classes to teach.

One of the major benefits to us from having Wriggle as our technology partner is that they provide training and support to us that’s specific to our needs. There's always someone on the other end of the phone when we need support and their experienced teachers deliver the training that our staff require to keep us up to date with the latest technology.”

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Increased Student Engagement and Results

As well as developing their students’ key skills, the school have found that the introduction of iPads for every student has increased student attention in class, made content more accessible and has resulted in the students taking a greater interest in their learning.

“Since we adopted the 1:1 iPad programme, we have found that there is higher engagement with students. The more able students are able to push themselves on and it is much easier for teachers to be able to differentiate in their class and give altered tasks to suit the needs of each student. Every student can take things at their own pace. If they need to watch a lesson three or four times, they can.”

In the early years of the schools’ 1:1 programme, students each having an iPad was optional. However when a study of both groups of students was carried out to assess the impact of technology on learning it produced very positive findings:

“The students were in the same school with the same teachers and the same curriculum, the iPad was the only difference in their educational experience. We found that students who had access to an iPad in class and at home actually achieved higher scores than comparable students who had no access to the iPad in class.”

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