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School Device Options

Wriggle is more than simply a device reseller.

Our partnerships with Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo and HP mean that we can deliver a comprehensive solution to support partner schools, as well as allowing us to offer educational discounts on all of our devices.

To successfully integrate devices into the classroom, a common Operating System (OS) is essential. Wriggle helps schools identify which OS is most suitable to their needs, whether that is iOS (iPad) or Windows.

Wriggle work with many amazing schools and educators around Ireland and we asked two teachers in our partner schools to tell us about the ways in which they enhance teaching and learning using technology.


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Fionnuala Ni Chaisil


Fionnuala Ni Chaisil is principal of Luttrellstown Community College, an 1:1 iPad School that uses Apple technology to enhance the teaching and learning environment.

As principal in the school for many years, Fionnuala says that using iPads and Apple technology in her school encourages creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills in students. Read her account of the many ways Apple technology transforms learning in the school:

Creating a School of the Future

Luttrellstown Community College is a school that looks to the future. We chose to integrate iPads into our teaching and learning environment to enhance learning opportunities for our students with visible results, teacher and student collaboration has increased and the school is now a much more active and exciting environment to teach in.

Catering for Different Learning Styles

Students learn in different ways and we have found that introducing the iPad has increased student participation and engagement and allowed more students to access the curriculum. Teachers can monitor student progress better and students have the choice to submit and assess their work in many ways making learning more interactive and giving students greater independence with their learning.


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Favourite Features

Airplay and Airdrop 

Airplay on iPad makes collaboration in the classroom and the staffroom simple. All content can be shared instantly with anyone in the same room making assessing and keeping track of student learning easy. Students can upload their work including photos and videos within seconds to Pages or iBooks. Teachers can then mark and students can assess their learning by typing or dictating onto the same file.

Educational Apps

Another reason we chose iPad in the school is the range of great educational apps that are available. Students love using PicCollage and Aviary to present their work. We also use Edmodo for content sharing, Geogebra for Maths, Quizlet for revision quizzes and iMovie for recording and editing videos.

For more information on our great range of iPads for school, check out our iPad for Education page:

iPad for Education

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Making the Most of Office 365 in your Classroom

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Stephen Eustace

Stephen is Assistant Principal of St Joseph’s Secondary School in Rochford Bridge School, Westmeath, a Microsoft Showcase School that uses this technology to collaborate and share educational best practice with other schools around the country.

As a Microsoft Innovative Educator, Stephen says that the move to using Office 365 and Microsoft Technology in his school has improved student behaviour and has changed student/teacher interaction and dialogue in a positive way. Read his account of the many ways Office 365 transforms learning in his class:


Value in Communication and Collaboration

As an educator I realise the value in communication. When you provide a safe and welcoming place for students and teachers to communicate alongside the resources and tools they need, then magic happens. Students thrive when a rich discussion is taking place. Teachers can provide students with engaging content that is impactful and meaningful. 


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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of my favourite features of Office 365 as it allows for the amplification of student voice effortlessly in a medium that students are familiar with. Microsoft Teams is a place where you can share class files, facilitate conversations between students, signify key moments in the year with a shared calendar, create and grade student assignments...all in the one place! 

These are the areas I would focus on as a nice starting point for your first Microsoft Team: 

1. Communicate with your class through Conversations 

Conversations within Teams allows you to communicate effectively and effortlessly with your class. Teams has fantastic threaded chat that tracks conversations within your class team. This is great for students who join the class at a later date, missed a class, or for anyone who wants to look back on previous conversations to gain insight into a topic for revision. 

2. Store files and share resources with Files 

This is a great area to create and collect resources to share with your classes. Files can be added locally or from cloud storage, making organisation easy. 

3. Organising content for your class with Tabs 

The ability to pin a document or a website to the top of your team is awesome. It allows you to present a specific resource as a key area of focus for your class. Persistent tabs make it very easy to quickly move between different documents and even different web-based resources without leaving Teams! 


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