Your Journey

Your Journey

Every school is different and will be guided on a unique journey with Wriggle.


Perhaps you're starting from scratch in introducing technology to the classroom, or maybe some of your teachers are currently using devices. Your students might already be using devices and you're not sure how to progress to the next level. It could be the case that you've introduced Office 365 but are using it for emails only and not yet opened all of the wonderful potential it brings to teaching and learning.

Whatever stage you're at, Wriggle are here to establish, build and support your school's own individual journey.


Like the first step of any journey, it's important to know where you are to start with. The first step in your digital journey with Wriggle will always be an informal meeting where we'll help to assess and establish where you are.


From there, we work closely with you to tailor and build a Digital Strategy. Your Digital Strategy will include staff involvement, quarterly progress assessments and self-evaluating tools.

Next Steps

The next steps will be determined by your Digital Strategy. At Wriggle we can offer a variety of services to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom, including:
Key Services



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