Wriggle's Webinars

05 May 2020

Missed any of our Webinars? Don't worry you're on the right page. Click on the Webinar below you wish to view, fill out the form and receive the link:


Remote Learning Webinar: bit.ly/RemoteLearningWebinars



Seesaw Webinar: bit.ly/SeesawWebinar



Screen Recording: Bit.ly/ScreenRecordingWebinar



Creating a Class on OneNote:  bit.ly/CreatingaClassonOneNote



Top Tips for Remote Learning: bit.ly/TopTipsRL



Flipgrid Webinar: bit.ly/EnchanceStudentVoice



Top Tools for Remote Learning using iPad: bit.ly/TopToolsWebinar



Home Learning with Apple Clips: bit.ly/HomeLearningWebinar



Home Learning - Tips for Parents: bit.ly/TipsforParentswebinar



Creating and Sharing off the Clock Resources with Apple: bit.ly/OffTheClockResources



Making Home Learning Inclusive with Microsoft: https://bit.ly/HomeLearningMicrosoft



Making Home Learning Inclusive with Apple: https://bit.ly/AppleWebinarReg



Creating ePortfolios with Microsoft https://bit.ly/ePortfolioWebinar



Beyond the Classroom: Seesaw for Home Learning https://bit.ly/SeesawLearningWebinar



Using Teams for Blended Learning https://bit.ly/TeamsBlendedWebinar



Using OneNote Class Notebook for Collaborative ePortfolio's https://bit.ly/OneNoteePortfoliosWebinar

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