Five Tips for Introducing iPad in the Classroom

31 Jul 2018

Five Tips for Introducing iPad in the Classroom

Introducing technology in the classroom is an exciting time. The opportunities for teaching and learning that the iPad offers is endless, with apps for everything from video editing, music making to language learning.  To see real innovation though, it's important that technology is implemented correctly. Check out Wriggle's five essential tips for introducing the iPad into the classroom developed by our own expert teacher and Apple Education Trainer, Jamie Johnston. 



You wouldn't complete a lesson with students without planning it in advance. The same is true for when you are implementing technology in a school. It's important to have a vision that captures your aspirations for the iPad in both teaching and learning in the classroom. Check out Apple Education's Elements of Leadership to see what is needed to get started with your plan. 


There are so many resources out there for implementing technology in the classroom. Apple Education have a whole section in iBooks dedicated to education. You can check out the resources here.  



A stumbling block for many schools who implement technology in the classroom is the lack of training delivered. An iPad at the end of the day is only a tool and a tool is only as good as the person who is using it. If you're hesitant as a teacher to use the iPad because you don't understand the technology or afraid the students will know more – you're not alone. At Wriggle we work with hundreds of schools to deliver bespoke training that is both easy to understand and utilise in the classroom. Our trainers are teachers themselves and are recognised as some of the most digitally progressive educators in Ireland, having successful introduced similar programmes in their own schools. As such, they are fully aware of the challenges that every teacher faces daily in the classroom. Get in touch today to get started. 


Don’t go overboard on Apps

With so many applications available in the App Store it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the choice. However, you're better off keeping it simple and clear. Start by getting to know the native apps on the iPad like Keynote, Pages, Numbers, Camera and Clips. Check out the iBook Innovation in Schools and the Apple Teacher Guides to get started.  
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Don't be afraid to create your own content

As teachers you know a school curriculum better than anyone. So why not create your own content? It couldn't be easier on the iPad too with so many different learning styles available to develop your content. Whether the student is visual, aural or oral learner you can create learning resources that work for them. You can even get students to create their own study resources developing a flipped learning environment. Check out Apple Education's Everyone Can Create Student and Teacher Guides to find lesson plans and tips on how to get started. 

Use as a tool not as a replacement for the teacher

As we discussed earlier the iPad is a tool for a teacher not a replacement for a teacher. To see innovative results the key is to make sure the iPad is being utilise to the best possible standard by the teacher to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. By following the four tips above this vision will soon become a reality. 

Want to learn more about introducing iPad into the classroom? Get in touch with our team today and organise a visit from the Wriggle Roadcaster bus to visit your school and learn more about technology in education.