Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

21 Mar 2019

Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is a place where you can share class files, facilitate conversations between students, signify key moments in the year with a shared calendar, create and grade student assignments...all in the one place!


How to Begin


To create your first class Team:

  • Log on to Office 365 and click the Teams tile
  • Click on Join or Create a Team and select ‘Create a Team’
  • Click on the Classes option and name your class
  • Press ‘Next’ and click ‘ Add a Student’ to add students to your Team


These are the areas I would focus on as a nice starting point for your first Microsoft Team:


Communicate with your class through Conversations


Conversations within Teams allows you to communicate effectively and effortlessly with your class. Teams has fantastic threaded chat that tracks conversations within your class team. This is great for students who join the class at a later date, missed a class, or for anyone who wants to look back on previous conversations to gain insight into a topic for revision.


Store files and share resources with Files


This is a great area to create and collect resources to share with your classes. Files can be added locally or from cloud storage, making organisation easy.


Organising content for your class with Tabs


The ability to pin a document or a website to the top of your team is awesome. It allows you to present a specific resource as a key area of focus for your class. Persistent tabs make it very easy to quickly move between different documents and even different web-based resources without leaving Teams!


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