Read between the lines with these English apps.

20 Mar 2018

Read between the lines with these English apps:

As one of the core subjects for Junior and Senior cycle, a confident grasp of the English language and literature follows you through life. Clear written, verbal and critical thinking skills are invaluable in virtually every career sector. Here are some apps that can help develop these skills and support the curriculum. 




Book Creator:

This app is perfect for students interested in creative writing. You can create your own eBooks by inserting text, pictures?and sounds. When you're done, you can easily share your eBook or even publish it to the iBook Store! The free app allows you to create one eBook with the full version giving you access to unlimited book creation. 



Homework Idea: Get each student to create their own project around the main novel for the curriculum. This way, each student learns the text in a more engaging way and allows ownership of the learning. 





Speech writing is an essential component of the English curriculum and an important skill to possess. TED talks are brimming with speeches covering a vast range of topics. Recognise the qualities of great writing and be inspired to write your own. 



Homework Idea: Listen to one speech. Summarise the speaker's argument and select five characteristics of successful speech writing in this speech. Apply these qualities to your own speech writing. 




Shakespeare by

An excellent resource which contains the complete works of William Shakespeare. Endorsed by legendary stage actors, the Shakespeare app contains an in-depth analysis of scenes. A handy reference app for Junior Cert and Leaving Cert students alike. 




This is a great resource for SEN students or for those who find themselves as more auditory learners. There are over 200,000 titles in Audible's library. The app comes with a month's free trial. After that, it is €7.99 a month. For an avid reader, this equates to buying one new book a month making it worth the investment!