Teacher Feature

12 Jul 2017
We’re working with some wonderful teachers from across our network of schools and we thought we would share with you how they use technology in the classroom. 

Danny Murray from St Joseph’s Secondary School, Rush had a chat with us about his digital experience and what it has taught him.  

What subjects do you teach?
Physics, Science, Coding

How have you integrated iPad into teaching within your classroom?

The main way the iPad has been integrated into the classroom is through research and use of educational apps in the classroom.

A great example of this is using the Phet website's atom builder. It's something that just couldn’t be done without technology in the classroom. 

What is your favourite App to use and why?

My go-to app is Quizlet. This app allows you to make flashcards and then teaches and tests you on the keywords using games. It gets students working with people they wouldn't normally work with and has them debating about what the correct answer is. 

Does it impact student engagement?

It certainly does. When the students are doing individual work, the content is more tailored to the needs of that student. With such a massive variety of resources, available students can now choose their own ability level. Making the personalisation of learning achievable. 

Like or it not, students have devices in today’s world. It's better to get them into the routine of appropriate use when they are younger than pretending mobile devices don't exist and having students go off the rails in the first year of college.

In five years’ time, what will teaching in schools be like?

I think computer science could become a large and very popular subject at Leaving Cert level.

I also think we've already seen glimpses of the future. You know those kids who have realised they can learn stuff online and are already better than you at coding? If we can just figure out how to empower every student to follow their interests and teach themselves, school is going be nothing like it is today.