Teacher Feature: Róisín Beaver

05 Nov 2018

Wriggle works solely in the education sector to support schools and teachers on their digital journeys. Through our work with the most digitally progressive schools and teachers throughout the country, we know a Digital Leader when we see one. We are exceptionally proud to have Róisín on the Wriggle team. Róisín is here to support schools in the development and delivery of their own digital planning and journey’s.



   1. What subjects did you teach before joining Wriggle?

I taught English to all years and levels, technical graphics to Junior Cert and computing and some HTML coding to TY’s. 


    2. How did you integrate technology into teaching and learning in your school?

I regularly used my Surface Pro and wireless display adapter in the classroom to project material onto the Whiteboard where I then annotated material (or had the students annotate it) showed Youtube clips, listened to audio material (eg. Doc on One), projected quiz questions (eg. Kahoot) and had the students film each other using my device for the CBA oral task in English.


   3. What was the biggest learning curve when introducing technology into the classroom?

Understanding that things don’t always go to plan and that I needed to have a plan B/C if need be. I learnt to be patient and allow myself time to try things out and reflect on the experience. In this way, I learnt from it and amended my approach where necessary.


  4. What do you think is the best way for schools to sustain their digital journey?

Schools need to ensure that teachers have the opportunity to collaborate with each other and share their experiences on a regular basis so as to keep the motivation and inspiration alive. Teachers need to be the ones who are leading the way – finding their own preferences in the use of technology depending on their own context– as a top-down approach can lead to disengagement at times.


  5. What advice would you give to school leaders before they begin with 1:1 devices?

I’d advise them to allow their teachers time to integrate the technology into their teaching practices first- before inviting student devices into their classrooms. Once a teacher feels competent in the use of the technology himself/herself then you can ask the teachers to collaborate on formulating some standard teaching approaches on using the technologies in the classroom when the students have their own devices too.


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