Top Apps for Mastering Modern Foreign Languages

29 May 2018

Top Apps for Mastering Modern Foreign Languages

There is a plethora of Modern Foreign Language learning apps to aid students reading, writing, aural and oral skills. Technology can make MFL learning a much more dynamic, interactive and productive experience for all. 



"To have another language is to possess another soul"

- Charlemagne






This game-based app makes language learning fun. It focuses on four components of a language: reading, writing, listening and speaking. These four elements structure every MFL exam in the Irish curriculum. We love its simple and fun interface, which will definitely help to engage students learning!

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Flash Academy: 


Many of us remember writing out flash cards for our language exams to learn vocabulary and grammar. Flash Academy takes this to new heights. Its flash card feature allows you to hear and listen to a native speaker replay the words. There is a really nice component where you can point your mobile device’s camera at an object and it will translate it. This app is suitable for beginner to advanced levels. 

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Skype in the Classroom: 


Do you want your class to engage with the culture that they are learning about? Skype in the Classroom is the perfect solution. Expand language learning and learn about different cultures in real time and bring language learning to life. Take a look at how Gloria uses Skype in her Spanish classroom. 

Free with Office 365 in the Classroom. 





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