Join us for our webinar on 'Using the SSE framework to identify a focus for the DLF' on 18th November

23 Oct 2019
Are you trying to plan your Digital Strategy? Looking for the best way to identify a focus for your plan and create a framework for efficient planning that will work for your school?

On Monday 18th November at 7.30pm, our on-staff teachers will host a FREE webinar showing step by step how to do just that!

We'll take you through:

- Using the SSE framework to document the teaching and learning already happening in your school
- Identifying key areas to focus on and develop in your planning
- Aligning your planning with the DLF
- Bringing all staff on board with your school plan using a distributed leadership model

...and because our webinar is live, our teachers will be on hand to answer any questions you have right throughout the webinar.

Simply click the link and register your name to avail of this fantastic FREE training session.