Wriggle Jr. Has Landed

20 Sep 2017

Say hello to the newest member of the Wriggle family, Wriggle Jr.


Just think - a simple history lesson can now build an understanding of coding, an art lesson can dovetail with robotics and a music lesson can capture an understanding of engineering.


Our new offering aims to guide primary schools on their digital journey by providing manageable and affordable technology solutions such as tablets, robotics, coding and cloud platforms, and lots more. Wriggle Jr. has been built on the expertise and success of Wriggle, which has been committed to supporting the implementation of technology in the classroom since 2012.


The digital landscape in Irish schools has changed dramatically in recent years. The government ICT grant sparked a realisation that Ireland's primary school children need to be utilising technologies that will prepare them for the digital world that we now live in.


As Wriggle Jr. lead Simon Close points out: This is a really exciting time, both for schools and for Wriggle. The emphasis on a Digital Strategy by the DES has generated a lot of enthusiasm in recent months, across both primary and post-primary level. We felt there was a need to establish an offering designed specifically for primary schools. Our aim with Wriggle Jr., is to strip away the noise around ‘digital’ and provide simple solutions that transform teaching and learning as well as being manageable and affordable. The Wriggle Jr. team is really looking forward to working closely with primary schools in the future”.


The DES efforts to promote 21st Century learning in Irish schools has recently been highlighted and Wriggle Jr. also recognises the need to integrate technology into the curriculum at an earlier stage.


Minister for Education, Richard Bruton further emphasises this in a recent comment:  “For the generation of children recently born, creative thinking and problem-solving skills will be absolutely key to how they develop in reaching and achieving their potential. In particular, their ability to think critically and develop solutions in the digital world will be vital for their prospects in life”.


Ready to join us on our newest adventure? Get in touch today: sales@wrigglejr.ie




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