Wriggle and Sphero Partnership Announcement

09 Aug 2017

Wriggle is delighted to announce that we are now official partners with Sphero. In this increasingly technological age, Sphero is defining a new world of connected play and discovery, especially within education. In this regard, the Wriggle and Sphero visions align, as Darren Tobin from Sphero points out:


“Sphero is excited to announce that Wriggle has been appointed as our Strategic Partner for the development of our education coding/robotics platform in Ireland. Wriggle have developed a robust strategy for the development of coding in Irish schools from ages 4-18 and we see SPRK+ & Sphero Edu as being excellent tools within their strategy to engage young learners in coding activities cross curricula.”


STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) is at the heart of SPRK+ and Sphero Edu. With SPRK+ & Sphero Edu, Ireland's young people can learn coding and robotics while learning about an abundance of subjects. Sphero's SPRK+ can engage with virtually every subject from history to science, from art to engineering, while fostering a love of robotics and coding through play.


This intuitive and fully programmable robot is based on the world's oldest toy – the ball - but it performs specific functions such as motion and direction, colour and light, and sensor-controlled reactions, allowing students to be creative with their classes. You can navigate a maze. Program a painting and become the next Jackson Pollock. You can even swim across water… The possibilities and capabilities are endless in the classroom with SPRK+.


The SPRK+ is powered by the Sphero Edu app, in which you can easily learn about the foundations of programming. There are a wealth of activities here too. Wriggle believes that SPRK+ is not just an entry-point into the world of coding, but an educational tool that will engage students with a differentiated approach. Sphero is a fun and approachable way to introduce coding and robotics into the classroom and as such, a wonderful opportunity to develop students' key skills from primary to post-primary level.


Learn more about Sphero here: