Wriggle’s Summer Device Delivery Process

23 May 2019

Wriggle’s Summer Device Delivery Process


At Wriggle we understand the challenges involved in getting all of your students setup and ready to learn on their new devices. That's why we've made our device setup and delivery process even easier!

This summer, devices ordered in our 1:1 schools will be sent to each student’s home along with eBooks and books (where applicable), a Get Started Guide and a full training video on how to make the best use out of the device for education.  This allows students to get familiar with their new device over the summer so that they’re ready to start learning with it in September.


Our device bundles are safe, secure and personalised for each student and their school. Our team of technicians put each student’s device through a 77 step process to ensure that:


  • All requested school apps and eBooks are uploaded and ready to use on their device
  • The App Store is disabled and only school approved apps are available on the device
  • The student’s device is managed, secured and supported for educational use only
  • If the school use Office 365, the student’s device is connected to the school Microsoft Office 365 portal


For more information on our new Device Setup and Delivery Process, check out our Wriggle Get Started Guide Video