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02 Mar 2020

Improve skill and performance in the Leaving Cert PE programme with iPad

1 year into the first phase of the new Leaving Certificate PE programme, we spoke to PE teacher Shane Davey who has been using iPads to complete the digital analysis section of the programme in Castleknock Community College. Here he gives us his honest insights and tips for optimising PE skills and performance using digital technology.

The Benefits of the new LCPE Programme

With 50% of the LCPE course focused on the physical activity project and performance assessment, not only does it take the pressure off students to perform in one final exam, it places the focus on practical skill building and teaches students how to analyse and improve theirs and their peers performance using digital technology.

How iPad helps

The Physical Activity Project is compulsory and counts as 20% of the new PE course. This has to be completed digitally and using ipads is invaluable here as it enables students to make videos, take pictures and use multiple analysis tools to complete their project all from one device!

Performance Assessment is another 30% of the syllabus and using ipads for analysis really helps students to visualise and improve their learning outcomes.

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Using iPad to record and analyse performance – Top tips:

Presentation is key

My top tip would be to use the built in features on iPad like Keynote, Camera and Numbers to get students to create a presentation of their skill development and analysis and present this to the class. Students learn so much from this process and from watching their peers’ presentations which helps improve their own performance.

iPad Camera and iMovie

Being able to make and edit video footage and images is an important part of the new LCPE program. The camera on iPad is a fantastic tool for this, especially the Slo-mo setting which allows students to capture footage of their PE skills in slow motion to be easier able to analyse it. The easy to use iMovie app is also a very useful tool for them to be able to edit video footage and put their presentation together. 


Slopro is another brilliant app for PE analysis. Comparing students’ footage to the perfect performance model is a great way of seeing how correct technique can benefit the performer. I also use apps like Hudl to study students’ video footage and Padlet to gather and share analysis notes.

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