Take a look inside Holy Family Community School using iPad in Education

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to teach with iPad in your school?

  • Would parents get on board with the decision?
  • How will it benefit students?
  • How do iPad schools upskill their teachers?
  • Can iPad make a difference to teachers' and school leaders' workload?


Take a candid look inside some of the Irish schools using iPad to teach and learn on a daily basis and get your questions answered!


The impact of Leading a digital school

"Instantly the dynamic changes in the classroom in terms of how the students learn. It's so much more interactive and active.

If you look at a child with additional needs, a couple of taps of a button on an iPad and you can instantly make that content more accessible for the child"


See why Ingrid Fallon decided to choose iPad as the device for her school and the impact it has had.

Bringing science alive with iPad

"It's completely transformed the shape of learning, a tool like no other in the classroom at the moment. You can give students learning opportunities far beyond what they normally would have had without it.

Learning is multi-sensory and it's collaborative. Students can easily share resources with each other and it keeps all students focused and on task."


See how using iPad in Michael Fiorentini's classroom has brought all learners on board and increased students skills.

Increasing students' creativity and independent learning

"Technology has changed how I work in the classroom immensely. Each student has a library in their schoolbag that they can take out and explore any museum in the world or any any image they want to research. 

It helps me get to know the students more and look a bit deeper at how the students are learning."


See the tools that art teacher Deirdre uses to connect her classroom and personalise learning for her students.

Building for students' future

"Using the iPad I can show what my product design looks like in real life and test out on AR if it's possible using the merge cube which has special codes on each side for a unique perspective.

If I can imagine it I can make it within my ability."


See how using iPad has invigorated learning for students in Holy Family Community School and given students an increased confidence in their abilities.

Increasing students' digital skills in Holy Family Community School

"Students are using the camera and speaking about things that are relevant to them in their life and they're able to then translate that to a movie on the iPad. They're getting to be creative and put their own stamp on it so it's a personal project for them.

Now students are active, engaged and part of the process and they take ownership of their learning."


See language learning come alive whilst students build 21st Century skills with iPad.

Want to see how iPad can transform your school?

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