iPad for Education

iPad for Education

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For 40 years Apple has helped teachers enhance teaching and learning in the classroom so as to unleash the creative potential in every student.  They continue to do this through their products, tools, resources and curricula to help create the best learning environment possible.

Why iPad?

With the latest iPad specifically made for education, it's no wonder that 80% of our 1:1 schools choose iPad as their device of choice. With amazing apps and advanced, built-in technologies, the iPad is made for both students and teachers to collaborate, create and learn.

iPad’s software is intuitive and easy to use for even the youngest of learners with multi-touch features making moving, copying, expanding and pasting as easy as tapping, dragging and dropping. Designed for complete freedom of expression, creating an incredibly personal learning experience for each student has never been easier.

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At Wriggle, we've brought together all of the resources you'll need to successfully integrate technology in the classroom including iPads, cases, charging trolleys, school setup, delivery and training. For more information on our great value iPad bundles check out our

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Take your Digital Skills further with Apple Accessories

Apple Pencil

Apple pencil helps you draw, take notes and mark up documents precisely and with ease and the new Apple Pencil takes that experience even further.

Now you can pair and charge your Apple Pencil wirelessly by attaching it magnetically to the side of your iPad Pro. You can also change tools, like a pencil to an eraser, with a simple double tap.

Go ahead, make your mark!

Apple TV

Apple TV allows you to mirror anything from yours or your students Apple device to your classroom tv screen. This gives you the ability to teach and demonstrate from anywhere in the room or display students work on a large screen at the click of a button.

iPad Charger

Misplaced your iPad charger cable or need a new adapter for your iPad charger? We’ve got a range of chargers for all the iPads we stock in store.

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To learn more about our range of Apple products and accessories, visit our page on

iPad and Apple Accessories


Apple Classroom

At Wriggle we understand the importance of keeping your students on track and monitoring their activity online.

Apple Classroom is a powerful app for iPad and Mac that helps you guide learning, share work, and manage student devices. You can launch a specific app, website, or textbook page on any or all of your students iPads, share documents between teacher and students, or share student work on a TV, monitor, or projector using Apple TV. You can even see which apps students are working in, mute student devices or lock students into a specific app to help them to focus on the task at hand…all from one app!

To learn more about how to use Apple Classroom in YOUR classroom, check out our Apple Classroom video in the Video Guides section below:

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Accessibility with iOS

The iPad is designed with a wide range of features to empower students of all abilities, making learning accessible to all.

The design features offer simple but powerful ways to support vision, hearing, motor skills and literacy skills in the classroom and beyond!

Features include:

  • VoiceOver which can guide students through actions such as opening a document, or selecting an image in photos.
  • Speak Screen that reads content aloud, for students who have sight difficulties or who learn better through audio reinforcement.
  • Guided Access and Safari Reader which help students stay focused in class.


How can Wriggle help?

Wriggle works with over 300 schools across Ireland to effectively implement technology into the classroom. So whether your teachers are just starting off and need training or they’re ready to take it the next level with an iPad class set, Wriggle are here to help.


Wriggle are Apple Autorised Education Specialists, with 30 years of experience in delivering learning solutions to schools and education centres. Our team of Teachers and Apple Professional Learning Specialists can deliver practical training to your school to help you to get the most out of using iPad and Apple Technology in the classroom.

To find out more about how we can help your school, download our Apple Training Guide or Contact Us

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