School makes the switch to smart learning well ahead of the curve

12 Jul 2020
St Joseph’s Secondary School in Rush, Co Dublin decided to switch to using iPads in the depths of the last recession after linking up with educational technology firm Wriggle. By Emmet Ryan, The Sunday Business PostPatricia Hayden is well aware of the importance of saying "I don't know". The principal of St Joseph's Secondary School in Rush, Co/. Dublin, had a bold plan during the economic crash, but she knew she needed help.Hayden was also smart enough to realise her lack of knowledge could help to identify the challenges ahead. In 2011, when Ireland wasn't flush with cash, she decided the school needed to switch to using iPads."We are short of space in the school and we had a lot of boys who found the traditional methods boring. We felt there was an opportunity with individual devices that we could inspire the students a little more," she told the Business Post."We wanted to change things in a way that would make them think differently. Back then, a Deis (disadvantaged) school
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More training, support and equipment needed for blended learning

22 Jun 2020
Half of the parents surveyed said they wanted standardised technology platforms for online learning.By Ciara O’Brien, The Irish Times. Improved support, standardised learning platforms and more training is needed to ensure a clearly defined approach to blended learning in the classroom and at home in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, a new survey has found.Digital learning company Wriggle commissioned research that found students lacked equipment suitable for home learning, with parents describing the home-school situation as “difficult”. Some schools had inconsistent communication with parents while others had only begun integrating digital platforms into their teaching environment when the pandemic took hold in March.The survey, conducted by Amárach Research, asked principals, deputy principals, teachers and staff in 371 schools, and more than 2,100 parents with children in primary and secondary school, about their experiences with learning online between Ma
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Covid exposes holes in schools' online learning policies

21 Jun 2020
Fewer than two in three schools reported that their students had devices fit for digital learning.By Katherine Donnelly, The Irish Independent More than one in three schools don't have a policy around digital teaching and learning, according to research that exposes gaps in the education system that caused major challenges during the lockdown.While the introduction of information and communications technology (ICT) into schools has been official policy for more than 20 years, the study highlights deficiencies in practices that exist. Half of schools only integrated digital platforms after the Covid-19 pandemic forced teaching and learning to switch from the classroom to the home.Fewer than two in three schools reported that their students had devices fit for digital learning.Two in three teachers said they had no experience of online teaching, while just over half said they were not comfortable with digital learning technology.Meanwhile, two in three (62pc) of parents described their c
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iPad enables seamless transition to Blended Learning in St Vincent's School, Dundalk

16 Jun 2020
Case Study - Blended Learning in St Vincent’s Secondary School, Dundalk iPad enables seamless transition to Blended Learning in St Vincent’s Dundalk Planning for Continuity of Teaching and Learning from Home in St Vincent’s Secondary SchoolAs early adopters of an iPad 1:1 model in their school, St Vincent’s Secondary School in Dundalk gave teachers and students access to iPads and training to support existing teaching methodologies. The result has meant a smooth transition to home teaching and learning as Deputy Principal Linda McCusker tells us:“As a school we had been using iPads for 7 years and, with the help of Wriggle and Louth Apple RTC, we had placed a large emphasis on training and upskilling teachers and students in order to harness the benefits of technology in education. This meant we were perfectly placed to continue teaching and learning remotely when school closures happened in March 2020.From the first day of the school closure, our students
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Office 365 Facilitates Independant Learning in Stepaside Educate Together Secondary School

11 Mar 2020
Case Study - Stepaside Educate Together Secondary School Windows 1:1 ModelWindows 1:1 model empowers independent, real world learning in Stepaside Educate Together Secondary School “Technology has had a huge impact on our school culture, allowing us to facilitate the development of key 21st Century skills in a more progressive way. Our students won’t be affected by any school closures as they are used to learning independantly, facilitated by using Office 365 software and our virtual learning environment.”- Barbara Mulhall, Principal, Stepaside Educate Together Enhancing the Learning Experience in Stepaside Educate Together Secondary SchoolAs a diverse school growing in numbers each year, Stepaside Educate Together Secondary School decided to equip each of their students with a Windows device and Office 365 for education to facilitate the development of the key skills they would need to achieve their potential in school, the workplace and beyond. The impact of t
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