iPad enables seamless transition to Blended Learning in St Vincent's School, Dundalk

16 Jun 2020
Case Study - Blended Learning in St Vincent’s Secondary School, Dundalk iPad enables seamless transition to Blended Learning in St Vincent’s Dundalk Planning for Continuity of Teaching and Learning from Home in St Vincent’s Secondary SchoolAs early adopters of an iPad 1:1 model in their school, St Vincent’s Secondary School in Dundalk gave teachers and students access to iPads and training to support existing teaching methodologies. The result has meant a smooth transition to home teaching and learning as Deputy Principal Linda McCusker tells us:“As a school we had been using iPads for 7 years and, with the help of Wriggle and Louth Apple RTC, we had placed a large emphasis on training and upskilling teachers and students in order to harness the benefits of technology in education. This meant we were perfectly placed to continue teaching and learning remotely when school closures happened in March 2020.From the first day of the school closure, our students
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Office 365 Facilitates Independant Learning in Stepaside Educate Together Secondary School

11 Mar 2020
Case Study - Stepaside Educate Together Secondary School Windows 1:1 ModelWindows 1:1 model empowers independent, real world learning in Stepaside Educate Together Secondary School “Technology has had a huge impact on our school culture, allowing us to facilitate the development of key 21st Century skills in a more progressive way. Our students won’t be affected by any school closures as they are used to learning independantly, facilitated by using Office 365 software and our virtual learning environment.”- Barbara Mulhall, Principal, Stepaside Educate Together Enhancing the Learning Experience in Stepaside Educate Together Secondary SchoolAs a diverse school growing in numbers each year, Stepaside Educate Together Secondary School decided to equip each of their students with a Windows device and Office 365 for education to facilitate the development of the key skills they would need to achieve their potential in school, the workplace and beyond. The impact of t
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Keeping the classroom open even when the school is closed

06 Mar 2020
Keeping the classroom open, even when the school is closedWith so many schools using the secure, cloud based Office 365 apps to upload and assess assignments and improve communication between teachers and students, teaching and learning is no longer confined to within the four walls of the classroom. Having years of experience using Office 365 and digital learning platforms to enhance teaching and learning, several of our partner schools tell us about the benefits they’ve found from integrating technology into their day-to-day workflow and the value of learning anytime, anywhere.Deputy principal of Old Bawn Community School, Sarah Gibbons, explains.“As a school, we are eager to safeguard our students’ learning should unforeseen circumstances such as school closures occur and we are confident that our digital progress has created the foundations for this. We moved to a digital platform for planning, recording and submitting student’s work, assignments and CBAs an
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iPad for LCPE

02 Mar 2020
Improve skill and performance in the Leaving Cert PE programme with iPad 1 year into the first phase of the new Leaving Certificate PE programme, we spoke to PE teacher Shane Davey who has been using iPads to complete the digital analysis section of the programme in Castleknock Community College. Here he gives us his honest insights and tips for optimising PE skills and performance using digital technology. The Benefits of the new LCPE ProgrammeWith 50% of the LCPE course focused on the physical activity project and performance assessment, not only does it take the pressure off students to perform in one final exam, it places the focus on practical skill building and teaches students how to analyse and improve theirs and their peers performance using digital technology. How iPad helpsThe Physical Activity Project is compulsory and counts as 20% of the new PE course. This has to be completed digitally and using ipads is invaluable here as it enables students to make videos, take picture
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Teacher Feature - Enhancing Learning with iPad in Malahide Community School

04 Feb 2020
Welcome to my Digital Classroom - Teacher Feature. As business studies teacher in Malahide Community School, with 1200 students each with their own iPad for learning, Bernie Foley uses iPad throughout her lessons to help enhance her students’ learning using digital technology. Here she tells us what it’s like to work in a 1:1 iPad school and how it enables her to be better able to meet her students’ needs. Building Key Skills with iPadI’ve been working in Malahide Community School for 5 years now and I honestly couldn’t imagine teaching without the iPad. I use it in all my lessons along with more traditional methods of teaching and I find that students tend to be a lot more creative when they have the iPad. They have choice, so when I give an activity, they can produce a written piece, record an audio piece, use Clips to create a video or Pic Collage to visually represent it.
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