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Teacher Feature - Enhancing Learning with iPad in Malahide Community School

04 Feb 2020
Welcome to my Digital Classroom - Teacher Feature. As business studies teacher in Malahide Community School, with 1200 students each with their own iPad for learning, Bernie Foley uses iPad throughout her lessons to help enhance her students’ learning using digital technology. Here she tells us what it’s like to work in a 1:1 iPad school and how it enables her to be better able to meet her students’ needs. Building Key Skills with iPadI’ve been working in Malahide Community School for 5 years now and I honestly couldn’t imagine teaching without the iPad. I use it in all my lessons along with more traditional methods of teaching and I find that students tend to be a lot more creative when they have the iPad. They have choice, so when I give an activity, they can produce a written piece, record an audio piece, use Clips to create a video or Pic Collage to visually represent it.
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Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

21 Mar 2019
Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams is a place where you can share class files, facilitate conversations between students, signify key moments in the year with a shared calendar, create and grade student assignments...all in the one place! How to Begin To c
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Women in STEM

06 Mar 2019
Women in STEM As a technology company who provide learning solutions for education, Wriggle believe passionately in encouraging creativity, innovation and inclusion of all learners, male and female within this sector. With a female director and 6 teachers
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Creating a TY ePortfolio using OneNote

13 Feb 2019
Creating an ePortfolio for TY using OneNote When I first used ePortfolios for my TY classes I was a bit apprehensive - would it work? Would the students find it difficult to use? Would the teachers find it difficult to use? What could the students share
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Creating a TY ePortfolio on iPad

22 Jan 2019
Creating an ePortfolio for TY on iPad ePortfolios are a way of storing evidence of a student’s learning and skills they’ve developed. Learners create a digital repository allowing them to insert a wide range of media to evidence and reflect on
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