Wriggle Roadcaster

The Wriggle Roadcaster is our 21st Century Mobile Technology Classroom.

With built in Robotics, AR, Greenscreen and Minecraft Station, the Roadcaster helps schools build Digital Technology Skills.

Wriggle are here to help you every step of the way along your digital journey
The Wriggle Roadcaster has Arrived!

Wriggle is driving technology forward with our very own Wriggle Roadcaster, a cutting-edge mobile technology classroom, travelling across the country bringing the latest in 21st Century technology to your school's door. Read on to find out more about the workshops, training and experience we can offer to support and foster key digital skills like coding, problem-solving, computational thinking, creativity through the use of technology.

Technology on the Bus
The Wriggle Roadcaster literally drives technology into the classroom. Find out what about all of the amazing 21st Century technology and workshops we have on board for your digital classroom.
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A Day in the Life of the Wriggle Roadcaster

Our Wriggle Roadcaster is a 21st Century Technology bus jam-packed with the latest technology tools for education.

Check out our gallery to see just a few of the workshops we offer on board!