Important Information for DDLETB Parents of Students in Wriggle 1:1 Schools

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How to Order your Students' Device from the Wriggle Online Store

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10 easy steps to purchase your child's device...

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To order your student's wriggle technology bundle, simply click the link below:

Order Now



6 simple steps to spread the cost of paying for your child's device...

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To see how to use finance on the Wriggle Store, simply download our flyer:

Steps to using Finance on the Wriggle Store

Order all of your books on one page in the click of a button! Physical Book Stores open from early June.

1. Go to the Bookhaven page linked below.

2. Choose the county you live in.

3. Choose your school.

4. Choose the class/year the student is in.

5. Press search.


Buy your school books from Bookhaven

What is included in my Student's Wriggle Technology Bundle?

iPad 128GB (8th Generation)

iPad's powerful, thin and durable design makes it the perfect companion for students and teachers in the classroom.

Key Features

  • 128GB of built-in memory
  • iOS 14
  • 10.2' Retina DisplayTouch Screen
  • Supports Apple Pencil
  • Supports Scribble Teachnology
  • Now Supports the Smart Keyboard
  • Wirelessly connect to Projector/Whiteboard 
  • Up to 10-Hour battery life
  • Front & Rear Facing Camera 
  • Touch ID
  • Durable Design and Construction
Max iPad Case

Protect your device with MAX Shield Extreme-X Case for iPad. This air-military grade case provides shock and impact protection, keeping your device safe in any situation.

Key Features

  • Shock and Impact Protection
  • Air-Military grade
  • Front Screen Protection
  • Impact-absorbing TPU surrounds edges
  • Integrated internal air pockets and shock absorbing corners
  • Built-in Kickstand with 3 way adjustment
  • Durable Design and Construction
Wriggle Service and Support

Parents and students in Wriggle 1:1 schools get 3 years phone and email support from our technical and customer service team covering:

  • Device technical issues
  • App support
  • Device unlocking
  • Configuration of devices to school specifications
  • Warranty repairs and support
  • Software cover
  • Mobile device management licence and platform maintenance

...and lots more!

For a full list of the service and support we provide to our customers, download our

Parents Service and Support Flyer

Wriggle Connect Family Fundamentals

Parents and Students in Wriggle 1:1 schools will automatically get access to Wriggle Connect Family Fundamentals training as part of their technology bundle to help them get familiar with their device for learning before returning to school in September.

Wriggle Connect Family Fundamentals training covers courses on:

  • eBook setup
  • Device settings and updates
  • Device security
  • ...and other device features
Parents and Student can also get access to 100s of additional training videos for only €1.99 a month on Wriggle Connect Family +
Students get 24/7 access to courses on:
  • Digital Safety and Wellbeing
  • How to use apps like Microsoft Teams, OneNote and Google Classroom
  • Device Safety features and Updates
  • Digital Study Skills
  • Accessibility and Inclusion features
  • ...and lots more!

Parents also get access to courses on:

  • Internet filtering, monitoring screentime and digital safety
  • Checking homework online
  • Wellbeing and resilience
  • Useful technology explainers
  • …and lots more!

What kind of training content for parents and students can I expect on the Wriggle Connect Family + plan?

Check out our two very short videos below for an overview of the content created by our online safety and wellbeing, and digital learning experts, to ensure that parents and students are confident and comfortable using digital technology safely for learning.

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Contact Us

If you have any queries about placing an order on your school's Wriggle store, please reach out to us using the contact form linked below:

Contact Us

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