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Is your School's Office 365 Platform safe from Cyber Attacks?

21 Jun 2021
Check out the most common data security errors schools and colleges make…and how to prevent them! "After Healthcare, Education is the most targetted industry by cyber criminals" Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigation Report This year alone, 75% of Irish organisations experienced cyber attacks. The recent ransomware attack on the HSE has highlighted just how easy it is for cyber criminals to gain access to an organisations’ data, causing distress and leaving vulnerable people’s sensitive information in the wrong hands. But what can schools and colleges do to prevent this? Having spent the past 20 years securely setting up and managing the Office 365 platforms of hundreds of schools and colleges to prevent cyber attacks, the same security weaknesses present themselves time and time again. In this blog I outline the key security risks all schools and colleges should be aware of with the steps needed to prevent data and security breaches from taking place.See how secure
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iPad provides the tools and confidence for flexible learning in Holy Family Community School

30 Mar 2021
Discover how all students having an iPad for learning enabled flexible learning and greater student engagement in Holy Family Community School.
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Wriggle's Milestones, Memories and Highlights of 2020

21 Dec 2020
As all the brilliant educators we work with know, reflection is an integral part of the learning process, helping us to grow and improve as we progress along the learning journey.As we prepare to close our doors until January 4th for the Christmas break, the Wriggle team take a look back at the top 10 milestones, memories and moments from a year that none of us will easily forget!1...The number of Gold Partner Awards granted to Wriggle in 2020. We were thrilled to be allocated the Surface Partner of the Year award at this year's Microsoft Inspire Awards. A huge thank you to Ian Gaughran and the Microsoft Education team for their continued support 2....The number of Department of Education Framework Tenders awarded to Wriggle Learning. Wriggle are delighted to be listed as the recommended supplier of Surface Go 2 MCore and Apple devices for education by the Department of Education on their public procurement list. More information on the procurement process can be found at Procurement f
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Safely Sharing and Assessing Student Content in the Covid Classroom

04 Nov 2020
Safely Sharing and Assessing Student Content in the Covid Classroom Covid-19 has changed the way we work with our students. There are many challenges for schools to safely continue teaching and learning in this ‘new normal’. One of the major issues affecting teachers across the country is either gaining access to the photocopier or the fact that they have been advised not to collect sheets and copies from students. Here are some of my tops tips to overcome these challenges. Correcting work with Microsoft Teams and Word If you have content belonging to students that requires you to mark or annotate their work this combination is a fantastic solution. Microsoft Teams Assignment features allows you to collect work from your students and provides you with instant feedback as to who has viewed and submitted their work and who hasn’t looked at the work at all. If you instruct your students to submit their work as a word document, you can then annotate over their work usin
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Building Coding Skills Across the Curriculum

19 Oct 2020
Building Coding Skills across the CurriculumBy Michael O’ Kane With the focus of schools, teachers and school leaders on trying to navigate through the extremely choppy waters of teaching through the Covid19 pandemic, I have been pleasantly surprised to see how many schools are celebrating EU CodeWeek, which runs from the 10th to the 25th October this year. It is one of my favourite times of year (after Christmas!) and it really is a great starting point to ensure that your students develop key coding skills which will be immensely important to them in their future careers. The Seamless Integration of Coding across the CurriculumCoding in the classroom does not have to be a separate lesson, held at the same time every week. It can be integrated easily into lessons right across the curriculum, from the early years right through to Leaving Certificate. For 7 year old children this could involve using the Scratch Jr app to build a project about Neil Armstrong landing on The Moon. 1
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